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Living in the modern era of webbed world, where every organization tries to achieve its place higher than his competitive, website designing with best creativity, talent and knowledge of programming has became a pioneer. With rapid change of technology and trend, today the domains of websites are frequently under evolution. At Codoffer we execute latest trend and upgrade approaches using latest technology and keep ourselves among the best service provider. Web design is a visual appeal that, attract the patron. Easy navigation and good content withholds the patron and coerce him to proceed and revisit whenever he is in need.

Our highly experienced professional team completes their work in steps, to provide you unmatched service. We at Codoffer believe in discovering client's requirement then plan it out with aim of achieving positive and maximum benefits from it. Once planning is completed we design the website with available details such that it stands among the latest trend in industry of global web.

Types of website designing

On basis of requirement of business website can be designed under following categories.

1. Static Website Designing:

Under this type, an organizer develops the website with purpose to acquaint the visitor about its company, services or product. The static website designing can be template or completely customized.

A template static website enables the organizer to change its logo, content, links and images, but the layout of web page remains unchanged. In short it is a ready to use web page design. Such website designing are cheapest and fastest to deliver.

On the other hand, a completely customized static website enables to put forward best of service. The clientele decides how his web design should be. In short, it enables organizer to form a unique website in terms of designing. Such web site cost higher and little time consuming as compared to template static website designing.

2. Dynamic Website Designing

It is also known as CMS website. This website designing enables the administrator to manage the complete website by his own means. He is free to create new pages or delete the old one. Such websites are keys to display several products and services, the administrator panel allow you to manage it.

We at Codoffer, as a premier web designing company from Gandhinagar, offers you various kinds of services like graphic and logo design, multimedia development, animation, hosting, designing and redesigning services, with fast, prompt and convenient set up system along with your choice's user-friendly panel and much more.

At Codoffer we offer you unmatched services at affordable cost. For further details contact us at

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