Open Source Bugs Fixing

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Codoffer is expert to find out the bugs from the project. We have an experienced team of website testers who can make a complete report of the errors that causes the website. We discuss the bugs with our clients and provide them a proper solution. We have successfully solved thousands of bugs and provide our clients an error free website.

The three main problems: What You Did, What you want & What actually happen?

The above are the three elements of any bug report. You just let us know your requirements and what actually happen in the real time. Our expert team of tester & developers understand your project and take the needful steps.

We always find out the bugs in Database First. This is the main source from where the users can trigger the difficulties while surfing your website. So your database must be error free.

If your code get errors, it shows error message. Check it carefully and if you can't understand the errors, ask the experts. If your website is developed with some difficult functionalities, it might happen that you can't access it properly and you might be noticed it as a bug, so always contact a developer or the expert before reporting any bug.

How We Find the Bugs

We analysis the whole website and make a list of errors. Our analysis includes working pattern as well as coding. We follow the strict pattern to find out the bugs.

Platform Issues

The open source platforms can be a bit funky so when you upgrade to the new version it can cause some problems. These errors can harm your website or the functionalities of the website. So we first analyze for the platform issue.

Theme Issues

Our developers check the theme and the customization options that demonstrates the errors. We find out the reason behind the error and take the required steps to solve it.

Plug-In Issues

Wrong plug-in installation or the wrong configuration always be the reason for the error in the website. We check the plugins and configuration to find out the bug.

General Issues

Contact us if your website is passing through some unknown problems. We have a team of expert testers and developers who can find out the bugs and solve them with appropriate method.

Do you have a website developed with open source platform such as Wordpress? Are the errors driving you mad? We can help you with a 100% satisfying solution. Contact us to solve any kind of bugs that harms your website and the reputation of your business, we will find out the bugs in no time and will provide you the smoothly working website.

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